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Thursday May 24, 2018

(Honolulu, Hawai‘i) Makai HR is the newest evolution of outsourced HR services offered to Hawai‘i’s small- and-medium sized business community. Envisioned by HR industry veteran Dustin Sellers and built by a best-in-class team of HR experts, Makai HR is a professional employer organization (PEO). It will differentiate itself with a cost-effective, paperless HR platform, leveraging new technology to save employers and their employees dollars without sacrificing service or support.

“Business owners and their staffs are still spending a lot of their time on HR related paperwork. Leveraging amazing advances in industry technology and our unique tiered-pricing model, we aim to save folks time and money,” said Sellers.

Services include the business essentials: dependable payroll; affordable top-quality health care benefits; competitive workers’ compensation rates; 24/7 support; paperless cloud-based technology and reporting, and HR compliance. Additional services can be added on an as-needed, ad hoc basis, allowing us to offer the lowest PEO rates in the state.

Is PEO a scary word?  |  PEO Blog

Friday May 18, 2018

Is PEO a scary word?  Not so much.

Yet many of the PEO’s that exist in the country seem to be opposed to using the term frequently.  PEO’s – Professional Employer Organizations have been around for since the 80’s, some would say longer than that. 

However, yet, it appears that many people in the industry are afraid to use the term. 

So then the questions arises, why haven’t PEO’s gained the market share that they should have?  It’s simple, use the word, promote the term, grow the industry – PEO.

To clarify a few things, once again a PEO is a Professional Employer Organization, they offer a fantastic service to businesses of all sorts and sizes.  A PEO allows a company to focus on their business while the PEO manages the day to day administrative duties of employment for the business.  PEO’s are just a better way to handle employment. 

PEO’s help employers consolidate the processes required to manage employment, including Human Resources, Workers Compensation, Benefits, Payroll and more. 

The PEO concept shares technology, expertise, and services, by design they can take advantage of pooled purchasing power. 

If you want to learn more about PEO’s visit either of the industry association websites or

Looking for a PEO for your business, visit for a listing of PEO’s in your area.

By Rod Diekema, President of LLC and PEO Network LLC.  For more information check out the websites or

Social Media in the Workplace: When and How to Use It

Wednesday May 09, 2018

Social Media in the Workplace: When and How to Use It

by Amie Remington, Esq., on May 09, 2018

Social media has saturated our daily lives in a variety of ways, including our working lives. As an employer, the question you may have is, what qualifies as the appropriate use of social media in the workplace?

Social media can certainly enhance your business in today’s competitive online business environment. But it can also destroy your company’s reputation if it’s abused. We’ve compiled a guide for using social media platforms for both business and recreation within your organization.

Let’s get started!
Benefits of Allowing Social Media in the Workplace

Clay Kelley Announces his June Training Camp for Success in Selling PEO | PEO Blog

Friday May 04, 2018

I just received the information on Clay Kelley’s June 2018 Training Camp for Success in Selling PEO, and I wanted to pass it along to everyone. 

Clay’s is considered the sales training guru for the PEO – ASO – HRO space. 

Personally, I attended the class 3 times, I’ve sent numerous sales professionals through the training.  The program is to the point, covers all the basics, and can energize your PEO sales. 

It gets better yet, register before May 11th and you’ll save $200.00 off his regular rate.  To register, click on the photo/description above or this link – Register NOW for Clay Kelley’s Training Camp for Success in Selling PEO.

Visit Clay’s website for more information on the various sales training offerings he has available;

By Rod Diekema, President of LLC and PEO Network LLC.  For more information check out the websites or

PACE Conference Highlights Monday April 30th | PEO Blog

Monday April 30, 2018

A great start to the PACE Conference 2018, Darcy Pope-Fuchs PACE President did an amazing job welcoming everyone to the conference, introduced the board, followed by an invocation by George Gersema, PACE Conference Chairman.

The Opening session was presented by John Slavic, President and CEO of

John’s presentation “The PEO, the future and the Blockchain”. 

The presentation focused on the economic conditions that are pertinent to PEO’s.  The economic environment has a powerful effect on the growth and trajectory and shape of the PEO model.  John presented current data points that highlight the future growth in the PEO Industry.  A informative presentation on “blockchain” technology and how it could eventually impact the future of the PEO Industry. 

The day was filled with interesting and informative presentations, although my personal favorite was “Social Selling and Relationship Marketing for Huge PEO Sales and Referrals Success”, Presented by Kevin Knebl, I’ve always been a fan of Kevin, he’s the Founder of Knebl Communications, LLC

There’s never been a better time to be in the PEO business, as the industry has never had the tools at their fingertips that we do now.  Kevin demonstrated how to identify the ideal prospects and referral sources.  Through the process he showed how to create a sincere and authentic conversation with the prospects, and how to create a sincere and authentic conversation with them.  In addition, he gave some insight on how to nurture the prospect relations to a sale and/or referral, all without be slick, sales, awkward, or creepy.

What a great opportunity we all have during this exciting time for the PEO Industry. 

By Rod Diekema, President of LLC and PEO Network LLC.  For more information check out the websites or

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