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A Plan to GROW | PEO Blog

Wednesday March 27, 2013


The PEO buzz has been GROW.  Grow your PEO - Grow the PEO Industry.  We’ve heard it and couldn’t agree more; it’s time to push our industry, to push ourselves to do whatever we can to grow. 

As an industry we’ve been hovering around 3% market penetration forever.  It’s time to change that, and take our own future and the future of our industry.

But the questions are, what we should do, how should we do it.

We have a plan, it will help you expose your PEO to potential clients, and it should have a nice ROI.  If you are interested and want to be part of it email us your contact information (Name, Title, Company Name, & Phone Number) to and we’ll email you the details.


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