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ACA – The Affordable Care Act and PEO’s | PEO Blog

Wednesday November 06, 2013

Businesses, Employee’s, the Unemployed, we’re all confused by what’s happening with the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.

Have 4 people enrolled or 40 million, every time you turn around there’s a different article, video, press release or blog.  It’s an ever changing saga of what is going to be the outcome January 1st, and can’t we all wait to see just what happens.

How does a PEO fit into the mix?  Well healthcare is just one piece of what a PEO can help businesses get control of.  PEO’s – Professional Employer Organizations provide human resource services to their small business clients—paying wages and taxes and assuming responsibility and liability for compliance with state and federal laws. In addition, PEOs can provide workers with access to 401(k) plans, health, dental, vision and life insurance, dependent care and other benefits not typically provided by small businesses. Workers Compensation and Safety Programs are frequently included as part of the PEO service program.  It’s estimated that over 3 million people are covered by a PEO arrangement.

Business owners who utilized the services of a PEO can focus on their business knowing that their PEO is keeping up on the ongoing changes with the Affordable Care Act. 

If you are a business owner or manager who is looking for a better way to manage employment, search the PEO database at at today.


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