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Brandtender Marketing®: Let the Team Do the Talking

Thursday September 11, 2008

To illustrate this commitment: The author signs each and every copy of the book personally. In fact, the book cover was designed to accommodate that.

“For me, every employee, no matter what his or her role in the organizational process, has the potential to be a brand advocate – I’m certainly an advocate of Brandtender Marketing®, and that’s why I sign every book,” Day said. “Whether in the position one holds right now or in a different role, we all have the ability to connect to our customers in such a way that keeps them coming back.”

Once identified and empowered, Day said, these “brandtenders” will do more to create loyalty than any customer rewards program. “The nature of the interaction is felt more deeply – they care whether the customer cares or not, because they want them to keep coming back.”

Shared knowledge is critical, Day said. CMOs and Marketing Directors are the experts in how external customers see the brand, while human resource professionals and internal employees are experts on how the team sees it. These two functions, Day said, must blend to a degree in order to create the new, transparent, engaged organization. “This level of engagement is simply not possible through most contemporary marketing methods and it’s the only way companies will be able to differentiate themselves moving forward.”

“While reading this book, I kept saying to myself, ‘right on!’ ” said Bob Kierlin, founder and current Chairman of Fastenal Company. “Day understands the power of people and what they can do if you just give them the opportunity. Your people are your company. He shows us how to make them our true brand.”

About Dan Day

Dan Day has written two books on customer and employee engagement - Brandtender Marketing®: True Customer Engagement from the Inside Out and Engage Your Valued Customers, a guidebook that describes how to reach customers by mixing both rational and emotional engagement methods. Throughout his 14 years with BI Worldwide—nine as Vice President of its Customer Rewards Group—Day and his team designed programs that influenced customers, employees and sales representatives to be advocates on behalf of their brands and improve productivity overall.

Day has been a featured presenter for marketing industry events and at major corporations, including Apple, Capital One, Chase, Coca-Cola, Daimler-Chrysler, Digitas, GE, H-P, Intel, Microsoft, State Farm, Sony, Target, Visa, Vonage and Washington Mutual. He resides in Minneapolis, MN.

About Brandtender Marketing, LLC

Brandtender Marketing, LLC provides clients with internal marketing and human resource solutions that tap the power of employees to communicate the nuance of a company’s brand on its behalf to both internal and external customers. Services include educational development, individual or team consulting and full program implementation. For more information or to purchase a book, visit

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