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Friday November 18, 2011

The blog has one primary objective, which is to educate businesses on why utilizing the services of a quality PEO is one of the best decisions a business owner can make.

Part of the process is to attempt to get the members of the Professional Employer Organization Industry to join in our efforts to communicate the message.  It doesn’t matter if you are an owner, payroll processor, customer service representative, sales person, safety engineer….everyone needs to participate in educating the business community as to what a PEO is, and how businesses can benefit from using a quality PEO.

If you use social media, follow, like, tweet, retweet, positive information, customer stories anything that helps build an understanding of what a PEO is and how using a Professional Employer Organization can help simplify the management of employee’s.

The door is open and has been for quite some time, if you have original positive content about the PEO Industry, and how Human Resource Outsourcing sets business owner free from the minutia of managing employment email your content to .

A special incentive for the first 10 individuals that send content, If your article is used as a blog on we’ll even send you a copy of “The Social Media Sales Revolution” by Kevin Knebl.  And one last plug, Clay Kelley and Kevin Knebl are holding a webinar on Monday November 21st 2011, register for the webinar – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

by Rod Diekema, Rod is the CEO of LLC and Managing Partner of Michigan based Employee Capital Management LLC a leading Regional PEO serving Michigan and Illinois.  For more information, please visit  or


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