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Building a Better Network of PEO’s

Thursday April 19, 2018

PEO Network Building

What we’ve discovered is that there is a need for what we’ll call “A Better Network”.  What’s “A Better Network”?  Well to start with, we want a place where everyone can come to find a PEO.  Not just PEO’s that are part of a specific association, or group, but an awesome where every PEO nationally and internationally can be listed.

Ultimately our goal is to help promote and grow the PEO Industry.  Although the PEO Industry has been around for several years, it’s far from reaching its potential, and we’d like to see it continue to grow and to grow at a fast pace.

For Employers searching for the perfect PEO that services their area, go to the “Search for a PEO” Box or Link on the top of the website.

For PEO’s interested in being listed, click the button on the top right that says list my PEO, and we’ll send you the registration form. 

By Rod Diekema, President of LLC and PEO Network LLC.  For more information check out the websites or

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