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Clay Kelley releases Managing for Success

Monday July 14, 2008

“Managing for Success” is more than a book, it is a resource. Managing also includes over 20 deliverables on CD that you can customize for immediate use. The “Managing for Success” deliverables include:

• A Position Description for a salesperson
• Telephone Interview Questions for both experienced and inexperienced candidates
• A Knowledge Assessment to gauge the knowledge of an experienced candidate
• First Interview Questions for both experienced and inexperienced candidates
• A Interview Question Bank with over 150 questions to use in the interview process
• A Sales Role Play Example to use when role playing with a candidate
• A Sales Candidate Evaluation to use when evaluating candidates
• Expectations to use when communicating the sales expectations of your sales force
• An Offer Letter Template
• Rejection Letters
• Ten Sample Compensation Plans
• Developing your Sales Training
• A Plan to Develop Your Company Specific Sales Training: Over 300 questions that your sales team needs to know about your company
• 52 Sales Meeting Topics
• A Sales Plan Template to help your sales team develop their sales and activity goals
• Performance Reports to use to manage the performance of your team
• A Performance Improvement Plan
• A Performance Appraisal
• Quarterly Review Letters
• A Sales Rep Self Review
• A Weekly Sales Goal Report Template
• A Termination Letter

Clay Kelley is a respected author and sales trainer for the Professional Employer Organization Industry (PEO).  Clay offers a number of publications and sales specific seminars, to learn more visit

If you are a sales professional in the PEO Industry sign up for Clay’s Strategies For Success in SellingNewsletter.  The newsletter is free, and an excellent source of information.

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