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Different PEO’s are different! | PEO Blog

Tuesday October 25, 2011

I would guess most of you are asking, what’s with the title “Different PEO’s are different”?  It’s a relatively simple statement – and yeah most everyone that’s part of the PEO Industry knows exactly what I mean, but a lot of prospects don’t have a clue, so my point is PEO’s are different.  I have a good friend of mine that’s a consultant in the PEO – Professional Employer Organization Industry that always says; when you’ve seen one PEO you’ve seen one PEO, she is 100% correct.

So what’s my point, why is this worth even publishing in a blog?  My point is, that PEO’s vary greatly, if you are a prospect looking for a PEO don’t think because you’ve used one PEO, that every other PEO is going to offer the same services that the PEO you’ve used offers.  Don’t assume that if you heard one PEO sales person mention a service that it automatically will be part of every other PEO’s offering.

The basic offerings a PEO has are generally similar and include various elements of Human Resources, Worker Compensation, Benefits, and Payroll.  But when you look at the services delivered they can vary greatly.

Let’s use Payroll as an example; depending on the PEO you choose, some may offer access to your employees so they can view their paystubs, view and change deductions, get copies of previous years W-2’s.  But don’t take this for granted, not all PEO’s have online access for your employees, silly but true.

If you are considering using the services of a PEO, and you are comparing a two or more PEO’s make sure you are aware of the services each PEO offers, don’t take it for granted that all the service levels are the same.

By Rod Diekema, Rod is the CEO of LLC and Managing Partner of Michigan based Employee Capital Management LLC a leading Regional PEO serving Michigan and Illinois.  For more information, please visit  or

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