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Giving Value: Using the New I-9 as a Door Opener

Friday July 25, 2008

So here’s what you do:
Walk into a business with a copy of the new I-9 in hand.
Ask the person you meet: “I am curious to know if the Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) has come in and given you a copy of the new I-9 which they require to be used on all new employees effective immediately.”
Prospect’s Guarded Response: “Uhhhhh no”
Well, I with XYZ HR Outsourcing and we are helping the ICE to help employers comply with this latest change in the law. So here is your correct and up to date I-9.”
And by the way, when you do business with our firm, you’ll never have to worry about this again.”

And then you can ask more about the business, what they do and if they would be interested in having further discussions with you.
You can download a new copy of the i-9 by logging on to the website:
Have a great day!
Clay Kelley

About Clay Kelley:  Clay Kelley has been part of the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Industry since 1985.  He is the premiere sales training expert for the industry for the PEO Industry.  You can find out more about Clay’s services and seminars at, you can purchase his training materials on the NAPEO website, at

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