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How to Build Your Online Reputation

Tuesday July 15, 2008

Tips for building your online reputation include:

1) Create a professional Web site

A simple Web site has become increasingly easy to create, thanks to tools provided by hosting companies. Your Web site can include a narrative of your skills and experience in addition to your resume, published articles, awards and other recognition. Think of it as a digital resume, but with more depth and opportunity to demonstrate your skills.

2) Become involved in the blogosphere

Much like professional Web sites, blogs are also simple to create. Having your own blog provides a means to comment on news that is relevant to your profession and to showcase your expertise and insights. Also comment intelligently on other blogs within your industry. Remember that your current or potential employer may view your blog or your posts on other blogs, so avoid rants, negative comments or airing dirty laundry.

3) Buy your name

Hosting your Web site or blog with your own domain name is a great way to build a solid online reputation. With domain properties becoming increasing unavailable, now is the time to take action on owning your name. Also consider buying a domain name that describes your area of expertise, such as or and, etc. These category-defining names will help build your professional brand.

4) Keep online profiles updated

Online profiles are a great way for employers to find you, but remember quality is king. A profile that hasn’t been tended to is a sign of lack of follow through. If you are short on time, create only a few online profiles and update them regularly.

5) Create online content that can link back to you

The media is in constant need of good content. Consider writing an article for a trade publication or industry newsletter. After publication, post the article on your professional Web site. Another smart option: Ask a respected blogger in your industry if you can write a guest post on his or her site. This will help draw links back to you as well as help establish yourself as an expert in your field.

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