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HROs and PEOs - It’s All About PEOPLE | PEO Blog

Thursday November 03, 2011

by Bruce Silver

Human resource outsourcing and professional employer organizations provide SMEs, small and mid-size companies with a wide range of valuable administrative, professional, and technical services, whose functions can be burdensome, and disruptive to an organization, if not handled appropriately. Every day we work with clients to assist in their evaluation and selection of HR outsourcing providers who can not only provide the level and quality of services that will enable our clients to operate more effectively and efficiently, but will develop into a mutually rewarding long term partnership.

In the course of our evaluation process, we examine all of the important functions that a company transfers to the professional employer or employee leasing company. We will look closely into their payroll application and HRIS human resource information system. Usually we arrange a demonstration, so that HR managers and payroll administrators can test a program’s ease of use, flexibility, and experience the power of the HR platform first hand.

A a PEO consultant we evaluate and compare each PEO’s employee benefits plans, examining group health plans, dental and disability coverage, and 401k retirement plans. When workers compensation is a challenge, we’ll call for an on-site risk assessment, and go over loss prevention programs, risk avoidance and management systems, as well as OSHA reporting. Usually during the process, a business owner or HR executive will ask “With all of the critical factors we use to evaluate a professional employer organization, which is the most important factor to consider? The answer for me is a simple one.

It’s All about the PEOPLE.

I agree that there are many important parts of a HRO or PEO operation that requires careful consideration, but nothing in my professional opinion, is more important than the professionals and support staff who routinely handle the tasks of payroll, benefits and HR administration, making certain that everything operates smoothly and error free.

Business executives and HR managers are keenly aware of the important role that technology plays in the administrative process. However, when someone presses the wrong button or adds an extra zero, it can create a world of chaos in any organization. The only solution, a quick and effective response by a capable and coordinated team of professionals, who are available 24/7 to handle any potential issues.

Bruce Silver is the founder and managing member of Employers Rx LLC, an employee management consulting firm that specializes in the HRO and PEO industry. A nationwide consulting firm, whose focus is helping businesses compare, select, and form successful HR Outsourcing or Professional Employer Organization relationships. We assist firms and SME’s with 5 to 500 employees to become more profitable by outsourcing their non-productive employee management functions, saving busy executives and business owners both time and money.  Bruce is a regular guest blogger on, you can find additional information about Bruce at

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