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Is PEO a scary word?  |  PEO Blog

Friday May 18, 2018

Is PEO a scary word?  Not so much.

Yet many of the PEO’s that exist in the country seem to be opposed to using the term frequently.  PEO’s – Professional Employer Organizations have been around for since the 80’s, some would say longer than that. 

However, yet, it appears that many people in the industry are afraid to use the term. 

So then the questions arises, why haven’t PEO’s gained the market share that they should have?  It’s simple, use the word, promote the term, grow the industry – PEO.

To clarify a few things, once again a PEO is a Professional Employer Organization, they offer a fantastic service to businesses of all sorts and sizes.  A PEO allows a company to focus on their business while the PEO manages the day to day administrative duties of employment for the business.  PEO’s are just a better way to handle employment. 

PEO’s help employers consolidate the processes required to manage employment, including Human Resources, Workers Compensation, Benefits, Payroll and more. 

The PEO concept shares technology, expertise, and services, by design they can take advantage of pooled purchasing power. 

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By Rod Diekema, President of LLC and PEO Network LLC.  For more information check out the websites or

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