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It’s Not Spooky… Choosing the Right PEO | PEO Blog

Monday October 31, 2011

Using the theme of the day, using or choosing a PEO for your business doesn’t have to be spooky or scary in any way.

A professional employer organization (PEO) offers a far more comprehensive approach to helping you manage your business’s human resources responsibilities.  PEO’s allow you to transfer the majority of your business’s cumbersome and time-consuming Human Resource tasks to a dedicated team of HR specialists who are available to provide guidance and recommendations for your business. 

It’s important to understand that PEOs are not temp firms, staffing agencies or payroll administration companies.  Most PEOs offer a comprehensive suite of Human Resource services to their clients –- everything from employee recruiting to benefits administration.  Depending on the PEO, sometimes these services are offered as a bundle; sometimes they’re offered a la carte.

A reputable PEO offers a variety of professional HR and business services. Typically, when you join a PEO, it’s an opportunity for you to outsource the bulk of your responsibilities, including:
• Employment administration
• Government compliance management
• Employee benefits
• Workers’ compensation
• Payroll and payroll tax administration
• Policies and best practices
• And much more…

As a PEO client, you don’t have to devote your valuable time tracking payroll or negotiating rates with benefit providers. Nor do you have to hire additional staff to manage it for you.

Quality PEO’s can give the typical business owner the freedom to focus on their business while being able to focus on growing their business.

So if you haven’t already, Treat yourself and your employee’s what a Professional Employer Organization has to offer….Happy Halloween!

By Rod Diekema, Rod is the CEO of LLC and Managing Partner of Michigan based Employee Capital Management LLC a leading Regional PEO serving Michigan and Illinois.  For more information, please visit or

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