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Jott your way down the highway…texting while you drive!

Thursday July 31, 2008

Could it get any better than that?

Well actually yes, it can.  Over the past several months Jott has had a number of added an number of links to programs that work with Jott.  My favorite so far is Xpenser (, Xpenser allows you to Jott, text or email an expense (lunch, dinner, mileage, office supplies, etc.), the expense then automatically gets put into an expense report in your Xpenser account.  Its a dream come true. 

If you’re in PEO sales, or in a position that you are on the road, explore Jott, you grow to love it. 

I was introduced to Jott by Scott Kolsosky, Scott was giving a Presentation at the PACE (Professional Administrative Co-Employers) Spring Conference in New Orleans.  I had seen Scott speak before at the NAPEO Conference last fall in Chicago, he is a total tech head, great speaker and business consultant, I could listen to his tech talk for hours, find out more about Scott at .

Give Jott a try, if you have any feedback as to how it works for you, drop us a note at

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