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Michigan PEO Licensing Law – Repeal or Deregulate | PEO Blog

Monday July 02, 2012

There is an effort being put forward in Michigan to repeal the PEO licensure and regulations imposed on PEO’s known as 2009 Senate Bill 1037 – 2010 PA 370.  Michigan’s Office of Regulatory Reinvention has listed Professional Employer Organizations as one of the Occupational Licensing area to de-regulate.  In addition on May 29th, 2012 Michigan’s Rep Jeff Farmington presented House Bill 5686 to repeal the “Michigan Professional Employer Organization Regulatory Act,” 

This legislation was pushed through by one of the industry associations who appear to support the needs of the larger national PEO’s over the local or regional PEO’s.  As members of the PEO industry a number of us believe we should all have a voice in what happens to our industry.

So we are launching a campaign to make our representatives and government leaders aware that as an industry we are in favor of less regulation, less red tape, so we can continue to grow our industry in Michigan and throughout the country.

If you are a PEO owner or in management and are in favor of repealing Michigan’s PEO Licensing Law, click this link to sign an online petition to help accomplish this effort.  Here’s the link;

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