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Wednesday February 24, 2010

I hope nobody takes this wrong, but I don’t have many PEO brokers I would refer to anyone.  I’ve been in this business since the early 90’s and just haven’t had any good experiences with PEO brokers and the PEO Broker model (other than with Bruce from Employers-RX).  One really bad experience with a PEO broker that’s located just outside of Atlanta, a few years back I referred a couple hundred prospects to his organization… and he never closed one piece of business.  I’m not that naive to believe they didn’t close any of that business, I just feel I was taken advantage of and its left a pretty sour take of the entire segment of the business. 

I’d like to hear from some other PEO brokers who have a great story to tell, maybe get a reference or two from some clients who have a PEO broker they want to refer and hopefully I can end out 2010 with more than one PEO Broker to refer.

Your idea’s, opinions and thoughts are appreciated, email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Contact information for my favorite PEO Broker Bruce Silver, you can email him at, his website is, and find him on Linked-in at Bruce’s Silvers Linked In Info

Enjoy your day!

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