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Progressive Employer Services Offers Complete Package of Services as Partner of

Friday October 03, 2008

With an existing vast range of services, PES found the need for a workforce management solution to compliment its overall product offering to satisfy client needs. “We decided to partner with because its software is flexible, affordable, reliable, and will fit well with the rest of our organization’s service and support,” stated Carlos Cardenas, Senior Director of Marketing and Business Development for PES. Each of these elements will allow PES to target a wider spectrum of prospects and, in turn, significantly increase its client base.

Cardenas, who together with Michael Clifford, Vice President of Information Technology for PES, headed up the partnership decision, continued by saying, “After deciding to partner with, we deemed it necessary to implement the software internally first to ensure it would be satisfactory for our clients. We found that the software eliminates buddy punching and enables the employer’s ability to manage attendance and accruals with ease and accuracy, which are factors that remain important to our clients.”

Combined with the PES suite of product offerings,’s workforce management solution allows PES clients to allocate more time to focus on revenue generating activities within their business as apposed to administrative tasks. In addition, the system streamlines processes that were once unnecessarily time consuming. “As a PEO, we have a significant number of clients who submit time records via phone, fax and email,” stated Clifford. “We are now able to eliminate those manual processes through a direct upload. Not only does this solution save our clients time, but it also provides more accurate record keeping for compliance and reporting purposes. This is an important step in executing our strategy to provide cost-effective technology solutions that increase efficiency and provide return on investment for our clients.”

About PES

Progressive Employer Services was founded in 1999 and currently provides payroll administration, workers’ compensation, risk management, human resources support and benefits administration to about 1,700 clients and 18,000 worksite employees throughout Florida and Georgia. PES is a member of the Florida Association of Professional Employer Organizations (FAPEO), has received the Workers’ Compensation Risk Management Best Practices Certification, and achieved the Tax & Benefits Payment Certification—


Formed in 2001, helps companies deliver both internal and consumer-facing applications as a service that are more intuitive, easier to deploy, and offer lower total cost of ownership. Two distinct business lines include a pre-existing set of Human Resource centric applications that are offered under a private-label model and a pure multi-application, multi-tenant delivery platform that can be coupled with industry-specific business logic and proprietary data to be delivered as a complete SaaS solution—

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