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Tuesday April 02, 2013

Earlier this year, I spend some time reading the draft of a book my friend Joe Caulfield had started writing.  Joe’s been around PEO’s for quite some time and I always enjoy reading what he writes.  But this book really hit home, it was pretty much aligned with how I approach the PEO sales process.

So, I made a few suggestions to Joe, and the next thing I knew was that we were co-authoring the book “Radical PEO Sales Success”

The book is a simple read, to the point and has some great tools and ideas, well worth the investment.

Available in either Paperback or an Electronic Edition, here are the links;

Paperback Edition ($14.00)                

Electronic Edition (Kindle/iPad/Etc. $9.00)

Paperback Edition Amazon ($14.00)        

Learn more about Joe Caulfield on his website at

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