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Learn More About the PEO Industry Offers New Partner CBR Management Services, Inc. Solution for Paperless Work Environment

Saturday August 09, 2008

Driven to look for another solution based on several functional limitations with its previous workforce management solution provider, CBR had specific requirements for the system to which it would eventually migrate. “Our previous solution only offered general time tracking, however it did not convert to our current payroll software, which resulted in requiring us to key in information manually,” explained Camille McCaleb, Director of Operations/HR for CBR who headed up the decision to partner. “In addition to a solution that could import information from time and attendance to payroll, we were looking for one that was as technologically advanced as the rest of our services.”

Since integrates with most leading payroll and HRIS systems, CBR is now able to eliminate the need for manual, dual entry in two systems. Further increasing efficiencies, the organization found a solution that would allow it to move toward a paperless environment. McCaleb continued, “As opposed to printing, signing and faxing timesheets,’‘’‘s system allows us to click a button to approve time. This move away from a very archaic process will give us a competitive advantage, since our clients expect the highest level of technology from our services.” offers tools that alleviate most of the work-related pressures a PEO might face on a day-to-day basis,” said Business Development Manager Alexandra Quintero. “With technology being one of the most important factors in a PEO’‘’‘s success, combining high levels of functionality with ease of use is essential to ensuring solutions are, in fact, beneficial.”

With the ability to offer more advanced services, McCaleb is also excited that this partnership will allow CBR to a longer lasting, sticky client relationship. “The more efficient tools we can offer our clients, the longer they will want to stick with CBR,” stated McCaleb. “Our clients look to us to provide them with the most efficient tools. Using an elementary solution for time and attendance made appealing to the white collar market difficult, but now that we’‘’‘re offering’‘’‘s solution we’‘’‘ll undoubtedly gain new business in that market.”

About CBR

Formed in 1998, CBR is an Arizona based PEO company providing Human Resources Outsourcing to small and medium-sized business in Phoenix, AZ and the greater Southwest. The organization helps build a successful team and a healthy work environment for its client’‘’‘s employees, while taking its own advice. CBR has selected knowledgeable and energetic HR consultants who work in a dynamic work environment, serving two primary purposes: excellent customer care and credibility to clients. CBR is a member of the National Association of Professional Employer Organization (NAPEO), and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) national and local chapters - -


Formed in 2001, helps companies deliver both internal and consumer-facing applications as a service that are more intuitive, easier to deploy, and offer lower total cost of ownership. Two distinct business lines include a pre-existing of Human Resource centric applications that are offered under a private-label model and a pure multi-application, multi-tenant delivery platform that can be coupled with industry-specific business logic and proprietary data to be delivered as a complete SaaS solution - -

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