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SYNDEO takes First of Fifty | PEO Blog

Wednesday April 25, 2018

SYNDEO take First of Fifty

We recently started the process of remodeling the website, we’ve cleared out the old and are moving in with the new. 

Part of that process is to welcome PEO’s to list their PEO in the directory on  To start the process, we’ve offered PEO’s the ability to list their PEO in the PEO Directory for FREE. 

The first PEO to respond to the invitation…. goes to SYNDEO.  SYNDEO is based in Wichita Kansas, take a moment to visit SYNDEO’s website at, they are razor focused on the needs of their clients.  SYNDEO provides more human resources, services, and programs for their clients than anyone else in the state of Kansas. It’s HR made really easy.

Watch our map grow; we have additional PEO’s that have registered and are in the process of being entered into the directory.  The FIRST PEO that lists in any state will make our blog map as we watch the coverage grow nationwide.  We are expecting several PEO’s from each State, but the first to register from any state makes our 50 in 50 Map, so register today. 

Details of the directory listing program can be found at, in the Listing Promotion Blog.  The registration form for the directory can be found in that article. 
By Rod Diekema, President of LLC and PEO Network LLC.  For more information check out the websites or

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