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Saturday October 01, 2011

Ok, I am going to try explaining this again.

If you are in the Professional Employer Organization Business (PEO), you need to Blog.
Ok, so this is really starting to get a bit frustrating, I personally have met hundreds of people in the PEO Industry, and I know there are thousands of individuals who I would consider Industry Experts, I have opened my door to share the spotlight, give you the mic, so grab the mic and let the work know your thoughts.
Maybe this will help you understand how blogging can benefit you - I can pinpoint one blog which in itself created more than $40,000.00 in revenue (year 1).  Without the blog the individual would NOT have had the chance at that opportunity so wake up and grab this opportunity while it lasts.

Here’s the concept, write a blog about the PEO Industry.  It can be on any topic that relates to why businesses should use the services of a PEO.  Maybe a story about one of your customers, maybe something, how you solved a customer problem, how employee’s benefit from a PEO relationship.  There are thousands of people who sell the PEO service, your blog message needs to be what you are talking about to your prospects and clients.

The PEO concept is brilliant; there aren’t many businesses that couldn’t benefit from a relationship with a quality PEO.  Seriously, don’t you have a story…share it and help us grow this industry!  I have been beating this drum for years and will continue to until this industry starts to take off like it should.

We are looking for content that can be used by everyone in the industry, so write the blog about the industry, not specific to your company, you will be given credit for the blog with a short bio about you and your organization, some blogs we’ll create whitepages and once again include credit you for the document.
We’re here to help, If you’re not an expert on writing… we can help, if you need advice on how to blog… we can help, if you need ideas on what to blog about… we can help, if you want to write anonymously… its fine with us, just be knowledgeable and passionate about the Professional Employer Organization Industry and we can help make this happen.

One Hour a month, that’s all we’re asking for to help grow the industry.  Certainly our combined efforts will get us a lot further than we are today. 

Sign up to be one of the expert bloggers by emailing, put “I want to blog” in the subject line.  As a bonus when we publish your first blog on we’ll sent you a copy of “The Social Media Sales Revolution” by Landy Chase and Kevin Knebl.  It’s a GREAT book and you need to read it to bring you up to speed on social media marketing.

By Rod Diekema, Rod is the CEO of LLC and Managing Partner of Michigan based Employee Capital Management LLC a leading Regional PEO serving Michigan and Illinois.  For more information, please visit  or

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