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The “PEO Factor”  Do you have what it takes? | PEO Blog

Friday September 23, 2011

Well I’d like to thank my friends at the “X” Factor, after spending some time watching the show over the last couple evenings it got me thinking…

Where are the PEO Industries Stars?

What do I mean by PEO Industry Stars – the individuals who have the ability to Educate the Business Community about the PEO Industry.

I do have a secret, I’ve found a few of them… and you’ll find out next week who they are when launches it’s “Guest Blogger” program.

But I know there is more talent, more stars – so I’m opening the auditions up NOW!

What’s the purpose… we need help in educating the public on - What a PEO is, How a PEO benefits employers, Advantages of using a PEO, success stories, etc.

It’s an open field, anything you want to blog about that presents the PEO industry in a positive fashion.  Remember our goal is to help educate the general public and also provide tools for the PEO industry to help advance the industry.

It’s all about positive content regarding the PEO industry.  As an industry we just don’t talk about ourselves enough, hopefully this is the first step we take to help change that.
What are we looking for?

If you understand the PEO Industry and you have a knack for writing…We’re looking for you.

The Blog Content – Information that anyone in our industry could benefit from.  We’re not looking for advertising specific to your PEO, we’re looking for content that anyone in the industry could use to help promote the industry.

Fear not, you will be rewarded for your efforts… every Blog you write will include a blurb about you as the blogger with a short bio and link back to your website.  Prior to your initial blog we will write an intro about you, your PEO Industry experience with a link back to your website.  If we produce white papers of your blogs, you will be recognized and credited with the writing.

Here’s a great example - we’ve had this in development for a couple months and we defined the process using a blog written by Matt Thomas of WorkSmart Systems Inc.  Here’s his blog -  A PEO as a partner - and not the enemy | PEO Blog

Then we took Matt’s Blog and created a White Paper, check it out here - PEO as a Partner - and not the Enemy Whitepaper.

If you want to try your hand a being an PEO Expert Blogger, email us at

And if you want to follow the blogs, follow on Twitter 

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