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The best way to text while driving… Jott

Thursday July 03, 2008

First of all, I need to give credit where credit is due.  I was introduced to Jott by Scott Kolsosky, Scott was giving a Presentation at the PACE (Professional Administrative Co-Employers) Spring Conference in New Orleans.  I had seen Scott speak before at the NAPEO Conference last fall in Chicago, he is a total tech head, great speaker and business consultant, I could listen to his tech talk for hours, find out more about Scott at .
What’s so great about Jott?  Jott allows you to text or email via voice recognition from your phone to individuals or groups that you set up on your Jott account.  It’s simple, set up an account on Jott ( you define individuals and/or groups that you will want to Jott, your jot account and service are FREE.  Once you have your account setup you simply call in to Jott, the system answers as asks, “who do you want to Jott?” you respond with the name of the individual and/or group, it allows you up to a 30 second note, converts your voice to text, and either sends a text message or email, or both.  The email messages actually include a link that has your voice message attached to it.
I’ve been using Jott for a couple months now and am surprised at how accurate the voice recognition is.  Name recognition can be an issue, but Jott generally highlights any words that are questionable in the text.  Jott also has some optional links that I’ve taken advantage of; we’ll cover some of those in an upcoming blog.
Give Jott a try, if you have any feedback as to how it works for you, drop us a note at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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