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The Profit Sharing/401k Council of America Celebrates Friday, September 5 as National 401(k) Day

Friday September 05, 2008

WHEN/WHERE: In 2008, 401(k) Day is officially on September 5, the Friday after Labor Day. If September 5, does not work for your company, you can select another date to celebrate 401(k) Day that best meets your company’s needs - in fact feel free to celebrate 401(k) Day all year long! Employers of any size and industry, whether PSCA members or not, can use the 401(k) Day materials to celebrate 401(k) plans on the day of their choosing. All of the materials are customizable, available in English and Spanish for both traditional and Roth 401(k) plans, and include step-by-step instructions for employers. Items available include posters, payroll stuffers, letters, postcards, and Web casts. All of the materials are available at PSCA’s special 401(k) Day Web site,

WHY: 401(k) Day 2008 offers help to distinct demographic groups by segmenting campaign materials into three groups with appropriate creative, interactive, and print tools that support the needs and questions that employees have while keeping 401(k) on their minds. Our tools will do just that - keep 401(k) on their minds throughout the year and throughout their career and help them make the best decisions possible to secure their own retirement readiness. These life stages are illustrated through the use of a loosely based selection of cultural references that appeal to each age demographic. The 401(k) Day 2008 campaigns will provide a positive everyday connection with life for each demographic group.

Profit Sharing/401k Council of America (PSCA)
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