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What’s “Your #1 Reason for Businesses to use a PEO” Contest | PEO Blog

Monday February 06, 2012

What’s the Number 1 Reason Businesses Use A PEO?

Does anyone really know?

Well, here’s your chance to share YOUR #1 Reason Businesses use a PEO, and you’ll have a chance to win some cash for sharing your #1 reason.

It’s simple, we’ve created a contest to find out what everyone is thinking.  Enter the “Your #1 Reason for a Businesses to use a PEO” contest. Later this month we will post all the responses randomly and anonymously and allow people to vote for their top three reasons. You are welcome to submit more than one entry, although you will need to enter once for each entry. First prize is $100.00, second prize is $50.00, and third prize is $25.00. Good Luck and tell your friends to enter the contest!

The contest is simple, anyone can enter.  You can be in the industry, you can be a client of a PEO, you can randomly stumbled across this contest, submit your entry and we’ll be posting the top 50 entries on later this month for everyone to vote for the top 3. 

To Enter Click the “Enter to Win” picture or this link

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