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When to Hire a HR Manager?  NEVER! | PEO Blog

Tuesday October 11, 2011

I ran across a great Blog on titled Human Resource Problems: When to hire an HR Manager click the link to read it over. 

The article makes a very good point with its opening statement “When you have more staffing issues than you’re capable of dealing with, it can really hurt your organization’s bottom line” and then it follows up with “But don’t worry—HR can Help!”

But the solution isn’t HR, the solution is having a quality Professional Employer Organization – PEO manage your employee administration. 

And the GREAT NEWS is that you don’t have to wait to have quality HR solutions in place.  I know several of the large national PEO have a minimum requirement based on the number of employee’s, but there are several regional PEO’s that will take you when you are small, and they’ll grow with you.

Now what I love about the blog is, they hit on some things that startup and growing business lose focus on, is that no HR or bad HR can torpedo the growth of your organization.  Nobody needs the distractions or drama that can be caused by employee’s gone awry. 

Another interesting fact is their recommendation of approximately 1 HR rep for every 50 to 55 employee’s – I would agree with that.  But I don’t think the best solution is bringing HR inside of the company.  The better solution is to find a quality PEO in your area, with a PEO you get a team of experts, you typically share the cost of expensive technology, and you can access better benefits which will allow you to grow your business without the distractions of managing employment.

If you have a business and find yourself frustrated with Human Resource or Employment issues, check out a PEO in your area, for more information visit

By Rod Diekema, Rod is the CEO of LLC and Managing Partner of Michigan based Employee Capital Management LLC a leading Regional PEO serving Michigan and Illinois.  For more information, please visit  or  

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