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Thursday April 18, 2013

For the next 30 to 60 days you will hear me preach my message to Yak it UP.  I’m not talking about the animal, I’m talking Yak, Chat, Gossip, Rap, Gab, Talk, Chatter, Chat, Converse, Chitchat, Shoot the Breeze, Chew the Fat, Have a Chat, Make Conversation.  The PEO Industry needs to speak up and tell the world. 

At we are busy putting together a network of PEO’s who want to see the industry break the 3% barrier.  We have a GREAT plan that is designed to promote the industry all while creating business opportunities for the PEO’s who participate. 

For the last several years the Professional Employer Organization Industry has been hovering at about 3% market penetration.  As an industry we have one of the most amazing services for businesses and yet we have not been successful in getting the message out.

When it comes to the ultimate vehicle for Human Resource and Employee Management, nothing can beat the solution a PEO can provide to the hundreds of thousands of business in the United States, NOTHING!

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