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What’s Happening South of the Boarder | PEO Blog

Thursday August 15, 2013

What’s happening is Human Resources Mexico, S de RL.

Businesses familiar with the PEO, Professional Employer Organization Concept in the United States have a great solution for employment in Mexico.

Managing employment in the US is complex enough, but can you imagine deciding to expand to Mexico and finding yourself needing to manage employment in Mexico.  Just the expansion of your business will keep you occupied, let the experts at Human Resources Mexico, S de RL help you with your employment tasks.

In addition to a comprehensive PEO type offering, Human Resources Mexico, S de RL offer many other services like Employees on Payroll, Human Resources in Mexico, Payroll Processing Only and even Recruitment in Mexico.

One of the best advantages to using Human Resources Mexico, S de RL is that Franklin Frith the General Manager and Principal was born and raised in the United States and currently lives and works in Mexico. Franklin speaks Spanish fluently and he has more than 20 years’ experience in business development and business process outsourcing (HR, Payroll, Finance)

Check Human Resources Mexico out at or email Franklin Frith at


A PEO is a PEO and nothing else is | PEO Blog

Wednesday August 14, 2013

The title may seem to the point, but everyone in the PEO Industry has had someone who is confused by what a Professional Employer Organization is.

Most PEO professionals have gone through the effort of introducing the concept of PEO to a prospective business client, only to have them say; oh, my Insurance person does that for me, or my Accountant handles that for me. 

But they don’t, they can’t do what a PEO can do for the business.

Sure a business may outsource one or many of the offerings that a PEO handles for them.  Several businesses outsource their Human Resources, Workers Compensation, Benefits, or Payroll.  But just because one or more of the core services that a PEO offers is outsourced, a business owner can’t compare outsourcing to the benefits of having a quality PEO to help manage their employment process.

Co-employment makes the difference, in a PEO relationship, the PEO becomes a co-employer with the business and the PEO is the employer of record for tax purposes. 

Under the PEO arrangement, the business eliminates several vendors, which are then consolidated through the services the PEO provides.  On average, over 12 different vendor relationships can be consolidated through using a PEO, the services may include Human Resources Management, Payroll, Employment Technology, Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, Workers Compensation, 401k or other Retirement Programs, Disability Coverage, Employers Liability, Employee Handbooks, Employment Compliance, I-9 Verifications, Unemployment Management, and the list goes on and on.

The only way to find out the true advantages of using a PEO is to engage the services of a PEO.  Today is a perfect time to discover the advantages of using a Professional Employer Organization. 

A great place to find a PEO is on or on


More Mousetraps or Better Mousetraps? | PEO Blog

Sunday July 21, 2013

Do you want more or better “Mouse” traps?

How about both? 

Earlier this year when we were working on some ideas to expand, one that popped up was “How about adding some other domains to compliment”.  The concept was simple, let’s find PEO Industry specific terms, find the domains and create additional traffic to the listing PEO’s on 

How about Employee Leasing to start with.  As most of you know, the PEO-Professional Employer Organization initially started as Employee Leasing.  The concept of Employee Leasing goes back over 30 years with lots of history of helping businesses manage Human Resources, Workers Compensation, Benefits, Payroll and more.

What started as Employee Leasing in the early 80’s, over time evolved to what is known today as the Professional Employer Organization Industry.  PEO’s are the perfect solution for businesses looking for a cost effective way to manage employment.

Take a sneak peak at  The site is close to completion with some additional tweaks as it goes live soon. 

If you are a PEO looking for exposure, we have the perfect mousetrap; is the perfect solution as it provides the internet’s most effective tool for businesses to find a PEO.  Established in 1997, has long been the source for area businesses to find quality PEO’s that service their area. 

To get information on listing your PEO on simply follow this link

Health Care Confusion making you Crazy? | PEO Blog

Wednesday May 08, 2013

Every day I have someone ask me something about Health Care Reform.  At first I tried to address the question or concern, and then it hit me.  I have the answer, so now I simply look at them and say, you need a PEO for your company. 

Business owners throughout the United States are confused, perplexed, baffled, puzzled, and list goes on.  It doesn’t matter if your company has 10 employees or 100 employees you are going to feel some impact on Healthcare Reform.

Typically people will respond by saying, oh no, Health Care Reform only impacts companies with 50 or more employees.  Well, every employee in this country is going to have to have healthcare, so even if you have a 15 person company, your employees are going to go to their employer with questions.  They will look to their employer for answers, that’s what employees do.  What’s an exchange, what form do I need to fill out for healthcare?  Every employer will be impacted by this issue, period.

That’s the beauty of having a quality PEO on your side.  Professional Employer Organizations are doing everything they can to prepare for the changes that are coming.  As an Employer, you can rely on your PEO to handle these issues.

If you haven’t already taken advantage of one of the best values for businesses today, find a PEO that can help you with Human Resources, Workers Compensation, Benefits, Payroll and more.  And the best place to find a PEO is on 

It’s easy, once you go to, you simply go to the “Search for a PEO by Location”, find your State and Area you live in and you’ll have a listing of PEO’s that offer services in your area.  If you have special needs, click on the “Need Some Help Finding a PEO” button, answer a few quick questions, and we’ll do the leg work for you.

PEO’s have always been an outstanding value, and now with Healthcare Reform just around the corner it makes more sense than ever to outsource your administrative employment needs!

By Rod Diekema, President of LLC and PEO Network LLC.  For more information check out the websites or

PACE PEO Conference Kickoff | PEO Blog

Tuesday April 30, 2013

It’s day 1 at the PACE Professional Employer Conference in beautiful San Antonio Texas.

I was lucky enough to arrive a few days early and was able to enjoy the wrap up of San Antonio’s Fiesta, San Antonio is such a great city with so much to see and do.

The annual “PACE” conferences are always a favorite association meeting, this year has record attendance and kicked off with a presentation by John Slavic of, John’s presentation 5 Major Trends that are driving the U.S. Economy.  John’s interpretation of the economy and how it impacts the Professional Employer Organization Industry are always insightful.  Slavic 401k has invested a lot in creating what they call the “PEO Employment Index”. The PEO Employment Index shows a trend that employers who use a PEO tend to have more growth than those that don’t.

Next up, a discussion regarding PEO Workers Compensation with representatives from Risk Transfer, Lumberman’s, Sunz Insurance Company and Tower Group.  A great panel discussion regarding best practices, workers compensation industry changes, and what changes PEO’s can expect over the next year.

Even lunch was entertaining and informative with a bit of history about the PEO Industry, followed up with a presentation by Tom Jackson on the History of the Alamo.



Kevin Knebl LinkedIn Guru and Rod Diekema of

Most of the afternoon’s presentations were from Kevin Knebl the leading LinkedIN and Twitter Guru.  Kevin’s High-tech + High Touch = Much Higher Success Presentation was followed with his Social Media & Sales Results. If you haven’t seen Kevin Knebl live, check out is website at for his books or dvd’s, all of which I would highly recommend.

By Rod Diekema, President of LLC and PEO Network LLC.  For more information check out the websites or

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