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PACE - PEO Conference April 29 - May 1 2012 Mark Your Calendar

Friday February 03, 2012

PACE, the Professional Administrative Co-Employers Association is holding its annual PEO conference in beautiful New Orleans Louisiana.  Mark your calendars for this must attend event, April 29th – May 1st 2012.

If you are part of a Professional Employer Organization, PEO, ASO, HRO, the PACE conferences are a great place to network, gain industry knowledge, share your thoughts and ideas regarding the industry, meet experts that are excited about growing the Professional Employer Organization Industry, and yeah have some fun.

Having been in the PEO industry since 1992, I’ve attended several PACE and NAPEO conferences, what I love about PACE conferences is that it’s typically a smaller group, everyone is more willing to share information, and you feel like you belong, it’s not the voice of the industry, it’s your voice, your idea’s shared with the industry. 


6 more weeks to a find a perfect PEO | PEO Blog

Thursday February 02, 2012

Groundhog Day 2012: Punxsutawney Phil sees shadow, 6 more weeks of winter… why is it if Punxsutawney Phil is such a good weather prediction source why don’t we use him year around?  Phil, like the rest of us needs to be working full time.  And if there is going to be 6 more weeks of winter, why isn’t Phil in Florida enjoying some sunshine?

We have 6 more weeks of winter, don’t waste it.  Over the next six weeks spend some of your time finding the perfect PEO for your business.  A quality PEO, Professional Employer Organization is the perfect solution to helping businesses manage the Human Resource side of their business. 


Unemployment Claims Can Be Costly | PEO blog

Wednesday January 25, 2012

As a business owner you know sometimes the process of hiring and firing can feel like a revolving door, what you may not realize is that having high turnover can also affect your unemployment tax rate if it is not managed properly.

Employers can have their unemployment rates rise in direct proportion to unemployment claims of terminated employees.  In other words if your business has a high amount of employee turnover, typically you can expect to pay a higher unemployment tax rate.  Unemployment tax rates will also fluctuate based on company payroll and unemployment benefits charged against your company.


The perfect PEO prescription | PEO blog

Tuesday January 24, 2012

Are you a small to medium-size Business owner who’s been looking for a quality PEO in your area?  Have you looked for a PEO on and haven’t been able to find one that can service your industry or your area?  Maybe you should consider the PEO prescription from our friends at employers RX.

Employers-RX is one of the nation’s leading PEO brokers, based in sunny southern Florida Employers-RX serves the entire United States working with quality National, Regional and Local PEO’s to find a perfect fit PEO for their clients.  Bruce Silver of Employers-RX understands that one size doesn’t fit all. Businesses searching for PEO’s have different needs; Bruce’s team at Employers-RX works with their clients to determine which PEO best match the client’s needs.


More than potatoes | PEO Blog

Monday January 23, 2012

Most people know Idaho is famous for great potatoes, but one of its best kept secrets is that it’s also home to one of the countries quality Professional Employer Organizations.  Employers Resource based in Boise Idaho is a Nationwide Professional Employer Organization; they have regional offices in Anaheim California, Phoenix Arizona, San Antonio Texas, Dallas Texas, Houston Texas, Atlanta Georgia and Raleigh North Carolina. 

Employers Resource’s national footprint of regional offices allows them the opportunity to service the entire nation with their outsourced Human Resource programs.  Since pioneering the concept of co-employment more than 25 years ago, Employers Resource has lead the PEO industry with products and services that provide clients with business solutions that are innovative and cost-effective.  They do this by offering alternatives to managing administrative functions in-house.  By outsourcing tasks like human resources and payroll Employers Resource clients are able to spend more time growing their business and doing the things they love.


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