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ACA – The Affordable Care Act and PEO’s | PEO Blog

Wednesday November 06, 2013

Businesses, Employee’s, the Unemployed, we’re all confused by what’s happening with the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.

Have 4 people enrolled or 40 million, every time you turn around there’s a different article, video, press release or blog.  It’s an ever changing saga of what is going to be the outcome January 1st, and can’t we all wait to see just what happens.

How does a PEO fit into the mix?  Well healthcare is just one piece of what a PEO can help businesses get control of.  PEO’s – Professional Employer Organizations provide human resource services to their small business clients—paying wages and taxes and assuming responsibility and liability for compliance with state and federal laws. In addition, PEOs can provide workers with access to 401(k) plans, health, dental, vision and life insurance, dependent care and other benefits not typically provided by small businesses. Workers Compensation and Safety Programs are frequently included as part of the PEO service program.  It’s estimated that over 3 million people are covered by a PEO arrangement.

Business owners who utilized the services of a PEO can focus on their business knowing that their PEO is keeping up on the ongoing changes with the Affordable Care Act. 

If you are a business owner or manager who is looking for a better way to manage employment, search the PEO database at at today.


Mile High PEO | PEO Blog

Tuesday November 05, 2013

When you think of Denver you typically think of it as the Mile High City, located exactly 5280 feet (1 mile) above sea level.  Or maybe it’s one of the eight professional sports teams that comes to mind, Denver is one of only two cities with eight professional sports teams.

What about PEO’s?  Denver has an amazing PEO – Professional Employer Organization, InTANDEM Human Resources.  InTANDEM works with businesses to help manage the complex issues involved with employment. 

The realization that employees are the single most valuable asset to your organization, having an organization like InTANDEM assisting you with employee administration helps you increase employee morale, productivity and increase your profitability.

Providing you with options in Human Resources, Workers Compensation, Benefits, Payroll and more, InTANDEM offers you a unique way to simplify your employment process.  Professional Employer Organizations, PEO’s continue to expand, if your business is in the Mile High City you should contact InTANDEM Human Resources today.

For more information on InTANDEM visit their website at or call them at 303-955-7615.

PEO services for Mexico and now Guatemala at NAPEO’s Annual Convention | PEO Blog

Tuesday September 10, 2013

One of my favorite PEO’s isn’t located in the United States, it’s a little south and expanding.

Businesses familiar with the PEO, Professional Employer Organization Concept in the United States have a great solution for employment in Mexico, and they have just expanded into Guatemala.

Managing employment in the US is complex enough, but can you imagine deciding to expand to Mexico and finding yourself needing to manage employment in Mexico. Just the expansion of your business will keep you occupied, let the experts at Human Resources Mexico, S de RL help you with your employment tasks.

In addition to a comprehensive PEO type offering, Human Resources Mexico, S de RL offer many other services like Employees on Payroll, Human Resources in Mexico, Payroll Processing Only and even Recruitment in Mexico.

If you’re at NAPEO’s Annual Conference check out Human Resources Mexico at booth #527 or visit their website at


A better way for PEO’s to manage Compliance Posters | PEO Blog

Tuesday September 10, 2013

I was wondering the exhibit hall at the NAPEO Conference in San Antonio Texas and found a new exhibiter called ComplyRight.  ComplyRight Distribution Services is a market leader specializing in the development and distribution of government compliant products and services. Their product lines include labor law posters and subscription service, as well as personnel forms.

I love the concept of the subscription service that is available for PEO clients.  The PEO signs up a client company for a Labor Law Poster Subscription and ComplyRight handles any posters, changes needed during the subscription period.

If you have a chance, stop by booth 226 at the NAPEO Conference and speak with Jeff Dykstra, Business Development Director for ComplyRigtht.  ComplyRight partners with PEO’s to deliver solutions that build revenue and help their clients stay in compliance.  For more information visit the booth or their website at


That’s not NAPEO’s Full House | PEO Blog

Friday August 16, 2013

It’s not a card game that NAPEO is talking about; it’s the attendance they have scheduled for the upcoming 2013 NAPEO Annual Conference & Marketplace happening September 9 – 11 in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. 

The PEO – Professional Employer Organization is poised for one of the largest events in years.  Opportunity is the focus of this year’s NAPEO conference, with employer challenges associated with healthcare reform along with the increased demands of compliance, 2013 is providing PEO’s with a greater than ever base of perspective clients.

Follow this link for information on NAPEO’s 2013 Annual Conference & Marketplace.

PEO’s offer businesses a great solution to manage their employment processes, Human Resources, Workers Compensation, Benefits, Payroll and more are all part of the services available through a Professional Employer Organization. 

To find a PEO for your business visit or on


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