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Building Accountability into Your Health Care Programs

Thursday July 17, 2008

by Pam Armstrong, MPH, MBA

Research shows that 20% to 70% of total U.S. health care costs are spent on services to treat preventable chronic diseases. Research also shows that preventing these diseases is dependent on improving our health habits and lifestyles. How do you encourage employees to become more personally involved in their own wellness? A fundamental principle used to get people to take action is to reward a specific behavioral outcome. Although this principle is widely known, few employers leverage it in relationship to their health benefits package. If an employer seeks to maximize their return on investment for a wellness program, they should reward employees for achieving targeted results for their participation in the program.

Employers Still Missing Out on Opportunity to Act on Employee Feedback

Wednesday July 16, 2008

Nearly half fail to make changes following employee surveys, 2nd Annual Employee Survey from Opinion Research Corporation Finds

PRINCETON, N.J.—Corporate America continues to miss out on vital feedback and ideas from its own workforce, according to Opinion Research Corporation’s annual employee research survey. Not only do 44 percent of companies fail to carry out employee surveys (47% in 2007), nearly half (46%) of those that did implement surveys neglected to make any changes to the organization as a result of the feedback, compared with 44% in 2007

How to Build Your Online Reputation

Tuesday July 15, 2008

The Career Exposure Network Recommends Five Best Practices

PORTLAND, Ore.—The rise in use of social networking technology to communicate with friends and build networks is having a negative impact on job seekers, according to the The Career Exposure Network, the leading source of niche job sites for women, diversity and MBAs.

“Any activity online, from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn, provides a potential employer a view into your professional behavior,” commented JillXan Donnelly of The Career Exposure Network. “Job seekers need to pay particular attention to how they behave in the online world to preserve and build their professional reputation.”

Clay Kelley releases Managing for Success

Monday July 14, 2008

Clay Kelley announced today that his new book, “Managing for Success in Selling Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO)” is finished and available for purchase by contacting NAPEO at 703.836.0466.

“Managing for Success” contains over 300 proven strategies for recruiting, compensating, training and managing the success of your sales team.  If you are involved in the Professional Employer Organization Industry, PEO, or any part of the Human Resource Outsoucing World, Clay Kelley’s “Managing for Success” is a must have.

Study Highlights Market Opportunity and Vendor Strategies for Online Payroll Services

Monday July 14, 2008

AMI-Partners Analyzes Small and Home-based Business Payroll Adoption and Evaluates Vendors’ Online Payroll Service Strategies

NEW YORK—A new AMI-Partners study, “Online Payroll Services: Ready for Take off in the Small Business Market?” takes an in-depth adoption of online payroll services and related dynamics in U.S. home-based and small business markets, and explores the strategies and solutions that four very different players—PayCycle, SurePayroll, ADP and Intuit—are taking to generate broad-based appeal for online payroll services in the home-based business (HBB) and small business (SB) markets.

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