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We’re building it - A Plan to Grow PEO | PEO Blog

Wednesday April 03, 2013

Last week we introduced “A Plan to Grow”

We are in process of assembling a great group of regional PEO’s who want to promote their business and promote the industry.

As an industry we need to talk, talk about ourselves.  More Press Releases, More Blogs, More Tweets.  We need better exposure and a plan to educate and inform.

We have a plan and a platform, and if you want to be part of the excitement, click here to get more information;

Radical PEO Sales Success | PEO Blog

Tuesday April 02, 2013

Earlier this year, I spend some time reading the draft of a book my friend Joe Caulfield had started writing.  Joe’s been around PEO’s for quite some time and I always enjoy reading what he writes.  But this book really hit home, it was pretty much aligned with how I approach the PEO sales process.

So, I made a few suggestions to Joe, and the next thing I knew was that we were co-authoring the book “Radical PEO Sales Success”

The book is a simple read, to the point and has some great tools and ideas, well worth the investment.

Available in either Paperback or an Electronic Edition, here are the links;

Paperback Edition ($14.00)                

Electronic Edition (Kindle/iPad/Etc. $9.00)

Paperback Edition Amazon ($14.00)        


PACE Conference – Spicing up San Antonio | PEO Blog

Thursday March 28, 2013


All it takes to spice up San Antonio even more is just a little PACE!

I’m not talking about PACE the Picante Sauce; I’m talking about PACE the PEO Association.

PACE, the Professional Association of Co-Employers is one of our industry associations.  They are holding their annual conference in beautiful San Antonio April 27th – May 1st 2013.

The PACE events are always very educational and informative.  Why should you attend, PACE Members, Sponsors and their guests are a great group of PEO owners who care and share about the industry.  If you haven’t attended a PACE Conference before, treat yourself to a great conference held on the Riverwalk in San Antonio.

For more information, follow this link; or email visit the PACE website at;


A Plan to GROW | PEO Blog

Wednesday March 27, 2013


The PEO buzz has been GROW.  Grow your PEO - Grow the PEO Industry.  We’ve heard it and couldn’t agree more; it’s time to push our industry, to push ourselves to do whatever we can to grow. 

As an industry we’ve been hovering around 3% market penetration forever.  It’s time to change that, and take our own future and the future of our industry.

But the questions are, what we should do, how should we do it.

We have a plan, it will help you expose your PEO to potential clients, and it should have a nice ROI.  If you are interested and want to be part of it email us your contact information (Name, Title, Company Name, & Phone Number) to and we’ll email you the details.


PEO Network Acquired by

Thursday January 10, 2013

RALEIGH, NC—(Marketwire - Jan 10, 2013) - PEO Network has been purchased by Rodney Diekema, the founder and owner of

“We’re pleased and honored to continue the legacy of Carrie Aaron, she’s an icon in our industry,” said Rodney Diekema, new President of PEO Network. “Sadly, Carrie suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2012 and could no longer work full-time. I was honored that she chose me to carry the torch.”

“After serving thirty years in the PEO industry, it was time to focus on my health,” said Aaron. “Don’t count me out though, as my brain heals, I will continue to pursue consulting and research projects that serve the PEO industry and will stay onboard at PEO Network as a consultant. I have the utmost confidence in Rodney Diekema to carry on the tradition of excellence and integrity that PEO Network is known for.”

“There are few people that have a greater understanding of the PEO industry or have helped more people succeed in this challenging business than Carrie Aaron and Rodney Diekema. Both have dedicated their careers to the PEO industry,” commented Pat Cleary, President and CEO of the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO).

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