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When to Hire a HR Manager?  NEVER! | PEO Blog

Tuesday October 11, 2011

I ran across a great Blog on titled Human Resource Problems: When to hire an HR Manager click the link to read it over. 

The article makes a very good point with its opening statement “When you have more staffing issues than you’re capable of dealing with, it can really hurt your organization’s bottom line” and then it follows up with “But don’t worry—HR can Help!”

But the solution isn’t HR, the solution is having a quality Professional Employer Organization – PEO manage your employee administration.

Can the Post Office be saved? | PEO Blog

Monday October 10, 2011

Later this month, my local Post Office will be closing.

It’s been an interesting adventure to see our community go through the process of trying to save the local post office, and I think the bigger question is “Can the Post Office be Saved”?
Some of you are asking, what does this have to do with Professional Employer Organization – PEO Services… and my response would be it’s all about change.

Our community was in an uproar, after all our local post office wasn’t on the official list of post offices scheduled to be closed.  The lease on our post office just happen to be expiring, and with all the closings scheduled it was just easy for them to add ours to the list.  It has been a bit frustrating, I have a PO Box at the local post office since carrier delivery just isn’t consistent with the harsh winters, and now I’ll need to find another alternative.

The community rallied, Senator and Congressmen were sent letters to save our post office, we had a town meeting with the post office officials, and that’s when I realized, without massive changes the post office is destine to fail.

Are you INSANE…. Why go PEO? | PEO Blog

Thursday October 06, 2011

by Joe Caulfield
Now that I’ve got attention I’d like to share some stats and my thoughts on why the business community should consider using a PEO.

Why is the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) a $51 billion industry?
Why are there are over 700 PEOs working in all 50 states?
Why have 50,000+ small and mid-sized business organizations bought into the PEO concept?

Are the business owners who are players just not bright? 



More than 4 Twitter Accounts | PEO Blog

Wednesday October 05, 2011

I know there are a bunch of PEO’s and/or people in the PEO Industry that have Twitter accounts, certainly more than 4.

We are working a Blog about using Twitter and want to include a list of PEO Twitter accounts so as an industry we can share information, follow eachothers tweets, and help each other grow exposure to the PEO industry.

Please take the following survey so we can add you and/or your PEO to our list of Twitter account - TWITTER SURVEY

Follow on Twitter by clicking below!/PEOdotcom

While You Were Out | PEO Blog

Tuesday October 04, 2011

I’m laughing to myself, thinking that a big share of my readers won’t know what a “While You Were Out” message was ever used for, for those individuals let’s just refer to them as “Paper Voicemail”.  Back in the old days prior to voicemail and email, and when people still used the telephone as a business communication tool, when you didn’t answer the phone, someone actually took a message for you and wrote it on one of those pink notes. 

Well, today’s message is that have changed since the days when everyone used those “While You Were Out” message pads.

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