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Top 7 Holiday Hiring Tips Offer Businesses a Competitive Edge This Holiday Season

Friday October 31, 2008

BRADENTON, Fla.—Gevity (NASDAQ: GVHR), a leading professional employer organization (PEO) that provides HR services to businesses nationwide, released today its “Top 7 Holiday Hiring Tips” to help employers stay ahead of the competition this holiday season.

With the economy struggling and many business retailers dependent on holiday sales, smart hiring decisions can prove crucial to a business’ bottom line. Gevity’s “Top 7 Hiring Tips” can help prevent employers from making costly hiring mistakes and teach them how to hire smart any season of the year.

Politics and the water cooler

Thursday October 16, 2008

How to manage election year conversations in the workplace
October 2008 by Jennifer Stone

With the Republican and Democratic nominating conventions over and the race for president hitting the home stretch, political chatter is bound to heat up.

And that’s especially true in the workplace, which was once considered off limits for such discussions.

A recent survey by the American Management Association shows that 39 percent of employees are quite comfortable about sharing their political views with their co-workers. But not all appreciate their candor. The same survey also found that 35 percent of workers are less than thrilled with political talk at the office.

Paying Your Employees Working Overseas

Sunday August 10, 2008

Do you have employees overseas and looking a PEO type solution?

More U.S. companies are finding themselves with employee’s in foriegn countries.  Foreign employment can be complex and confusing to many businesses. has resources to help handle those needs.

The best way to text while driving… Jott

Thursday July 03, 2008

There aren’t many days that go by that I don’t notice some idiot driving down the street… texting, or attempting to text while they drive.  Or is it really they are attempting to drive while they text.  It really doesn’t matter I don’t believe that the two work well together at all.  Being on the sales side of the PEO Industry, I find myself constantly pushed by deadlines, projects, quotes, prospects and the desire to stay current.  I have to admit, in the past I have hit a few buttons on the keyboard while driving, but not anymore, I have found a better way… Jott

employeescreenIQ Unveils List of 2009 Background Screening Trends

Wednesday July 02, 2008

Global Employment Screening Company Shares 10 Insights About Hot Topics Hiring Professionals Will Need to Track During the Upcoming Year

CLEVELAND—employeescreenIQ, a global leader in employment screening, announced its 2009 list of 10 background-screening trends yesterday at the Society for Human Resource Management’s Annual Conference and Exposition taking place in Chicago. The company annually develops this list of trends and releases it each year at the event. The list is designed to provide hiring professionals with information about important screening topics in preparation for the upcoming year.

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