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More Mousetraps or Better Mousetraps? | PEO Blog

Sunday July 21, 2013

Do you want more or better “Mouse” traps?

How about both? 

Earlier this year when we were working on some ideas to expand, one that popped up was “How about adding some other domains to compliment”.  The concept was simple, let’s find PEO Industry specific terms, find the domains and create additional traffic to the listing PEO’s on 

How about Employee Leasing to start with.  As most of you know, the PEO-Professional Employer Organization initially started as Employee Leasing.  The concept of Employee Leasing goes back over 30 years with lots of history of helping businesses manage Human Resources, Workers Compensation, Benefits, Payroll and more.

What started as Employee Leasing in the early 80’s, over time evolved to what is known today as the Professional Employer Organization Industry.  PEO’s are the perfect solution for businesses looking for a cost effective way to manage employment.

Take a sneak peak at  The site is close to completion with some additional tweaks as it goes live soon. 

If you are a PEO looking for exposure, we have the perfect mousetrap; is the perfect solution as it provides the internet’s most effective tool for businesses to find a PEO.  Established in 1997, has long been the source for area businesses to find quality PEO’s that service their area. 

To get information on listing your PEO on simply follow this link

Yak it UP! | PEO Blog

Thursday April 18, 2013

For the next 30 to 60 days you will hear me preach my message to Yak it UP.  I’m not talking about the animal, I’m talking Yak, Chat, Gossip, Rap, Gab, Talk, Chatter, Chat, Converse, Chitchat, Shoot the Breeze, Chew the Fat, Have a Chat, Make Conversation.  The PEO Industry needs to speak up and tell the world. 

At we are busy putting together a network of PEO’s who want to see the industry break the 3% barrier.  We have a GREAT plan that is designed to promote the industry all while creating business opportunities for the PEO’s who participate. 

For the last several years the Professional Employer Organization Industry has been hovering at about 3% market penetration.  As an industry we have one of the most amazing services for businesses and yet we have not been successful in getting the message out.

When it comes to the ultimate vehicle for Human Resource and Employee Management, nothing can beat the solution a PEO can provide to the hundreds of thousands of business in the United States, NOTHING!

If you are part of a PEO that wants to grow click here to get more information


PEO Market Penetration - 3% May be to High | PEO Blog

Thursday October 27, 2011

by Joe Caulfield

It is generally accepted that Professional Employer Organization - PEO market share is 3%.  Now we also hear the number 3 to 5% now and again, but that seems like a little bit of fudging.

Perhaps we should look at the actual number using census bureau data.  As of 2008 there were 2,203,513 companies that had employee counts from 5 to 99. I think most would agree that this covers the average size of a PEO client business.

Now if we took 3% of that total we would have 66,105.  Most have reported that PEO currently services 50,000 businesses, so what’s happened to the other 16,105? Oddly that can be answered by using a more realistic number on the “average size of a PEO client company” – that number is 14. That knocks out 526,307 businesses.  1,677,206 is a more real number.  Now we get 50,316.18

The “PEO Factor”  Do you have what it takes? | PEO Blog

Friday September 23, 2011

Well I’d like to thank my friends at the “X” Factor, after spending some time watching the show over the last couple evenings it got me thinking…

Where are the PEO Industries Stars?

What do I mean by PEO Industry Stars – the individuals who have the ability to Educate the Business Community about the PEO Industry.

I do have a secret, I’ve found a few of them… and you’ll find out next week who they are when launches it’s “Guest Blogger” program.

But I know there is more talent, more stars – so I’m opening the auditions up NOW!

Countdown to NAPEO - Annual Conference 2011 | PEO Blog

Thursday September 08, 2011

So it’s that time of year again, the NAPEO Annual Conference, Professional Employer Marketplace held on September 12th - 14th at the JW Marriot Orlando Grande Lakes.  For those of you who haven’t regestered yet, it’s never to late, click here for the website… NAPEO CONFERENCE 2011. will have representatives at the conference and will be posting daily blogs and tweeting as we wonder around, follow on TWITTER

See you in Orlando on Monday!

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